Innovation and Development in the Asian Century

--Global Shifts in Technological Power


In the past two decades, a remarkable change in both economic and technological environment can be seen in Asia. The innovation and Development of Asia is impacting both Asian and Global Economies. Urgent issues pertinent to ICTPI include science diplomacy (including the US “pivot” toward Asia), technology transfer, security, cyber-policy (control of domain names, net neutrality, censorship, etc.), environment (pollution and climate change), international research collaboration, manufacturing relocation, and trade patterns within Asia and with the rest of the world.

Responses will be sensitive to the future of the Chinese economy, currency, and influence, and to the interaction of demographics (age structure and migrations), the knowledge workforce, and the rise of intelligent robots. National differences in corporate governance, intellectual property protection, consumer protection, and attitudes toward modernity offer challenges for research and policy.


History of ICTPI

ICTPI gained its own experience and built up its own connections in Asia and other regions since the 1st ICTPI in Macau, China, 1997. Two ICTPIs have been held in East Asia: ICTPI’97 and ’02. The ICTPI conference series has built up a huge and dedicated following of high-level participants in all regions of the world. It’s time to bring ICTPI back to Taiwan, the heart of Asia. ICTPI’17 welcomes papers addressing any of the above important areas, or closely allied areas. You can find more information on the previous events of this conference series by visiting the ICTPI website.