Conference Theme: Innovation and Development in the Asian Century-Global Shifts in Technological Power

The rise of the Asian economies signals numerous and significant changes for Asia and elsewhere. Urgent issues pertinent to ICTPI include science diplomacy (including the US “pivot” toward Asia), technology transfer, security, cyber-policy (control of domain names, net neutrality, censorship, etc.), environment (pollution and climate change), international research collaboration, manufacturing relocation, and trade patterns within Asia and with the rest of the world. Responses will be sensitive to the future of the Chinese economy, currency, and influence, and to the interaction of demographics (age structure and migrations), the knowledge workforce, and the rise of intelligent robots. National differences in corporate governance, intellectual property protection, consumer protection, and attitudes toward modernity offer challenges for research and policy. ICTPI’17 welcomes papers addressing any of these important areas, or closely allied areas.


Theme Tracks

Trade, Manufacturing, and Logistics

  • Changing trade and transportation patterns
  • Infrastructure and technologies
  • Manufacturing location
  • Additive manufacturing Industry 4.0 and Productivity 4.0

Water, Food, Energy, and Climate Change

  • Dealing with the interdependencies of innovations in these sectors
  • Questions of migration and remediation versus adaptation

Clean and Clean-up Industries

  • The growth of clean tech
  • Innovations for environmental remediation

IT, IP, Cyber, and Automation Issues

  • Internet
  • Virtual reality
  • Robots, Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Privacy and data security
  • Smart life
  • Big data and analysis

Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Cultural diversity and technological progress
  • Art as a source of technological creativity
  • The role of design in products and services

International Cooperation and Security

  • Surveillance
  • Drones
  • Anti-terrorism
  • Interface of technology and diplomacy

Science & Technology Policy

  • Digital transformation
  • Science cities and smart cities