ICTPI brings together leading representatives of academic, business, and government sectors worldwide to present and discuss current and future issues of critical importance for using science and technology to foster regional economic development and shared prosperity in domestic and international settings. ICTPI 2017 is entitled Innovation and Development in the Asian Century. Among the topics of the conference are intelligent robots and the knowledge workforce.


The last two ICTPI conferences, in Brno, Czech Republic, and Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, featured a special activity involving local secondary school students and their teachers. These students were involved in STEM competition programs. Students were asked to demonstrate their work in these competitions. In collaboration with conference leaders, the students and teachers also helped conference attendees from around the world understand the important role STEM programs play in developing a local knowledge workforce. Perhaps most importantly, the attendees witnessed the enthusiasm of these students and the difference STEM competition programs make in their lives.


ICTPI 2017 seeks secondary students and teachers involved in STEM competition programs to participate in the conference. Participation is sought for two activities: (1) Live demonstrations by students during the conference; (2) Development of one or more academic case studies, to be submitted for potential publication in conference proceedings, with selected teachers and students as co-authors. Details of demonstrations and paper content will be determined jointly by those participating, in consultation with conference leadership.


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